Guilds are associations of plants, animals, and micro bacteria which work particularly well together.  The three sisters guild is a leading example of this concept and we show it here in the relationship between the squash, corn, and beans. 

The focus of the Permaculture Guild, a non-profit organization,  is

1) Expansion of the existing micro-loan program for farmers. 

2) Short-term bridge loans for agricultural conservation easements. 

3) Funding and support for permaculture education.

We have partnered with the Permaculture Credit Union (PCU), a financial institution based on earth care ethics and headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This partnership enables us to implement these focal areas through micro-lending.


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The safety of your donation is guaranteed because it becomes part of a fund administrated by the Permaculture Credit Union, an accredited financial institution. Learn more about our Micro-Loan Fund

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If you have an interest in sustainable living, then we’d like to invite you to join the Permaculture Guild in our mission to support the permaculture community and encourage the spread of more conscious ways of growing and distributing healthy, nourishing foods and promoting the use of renewable sources of energy.

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